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Metro Total ProtectionSM App

We've combined all the great features of MetroGUARD and MetroBACKUP into a single app that allows you to choose the perfect level of protection.

With the MetroGUARD features, you get alarm, locate, lock, and remote erase capabilities. Best of all, these mobile app features are available at no additional cost to MetroGUARD subscribers.

With the MetroBACKUP features, you get automatic and wireless backup, simple contact transfer/restore and online contact management. The MetroBACKUP features can be downloaded by all MetroPCS subscribers with supported Phones at any time for just $1.00 / mo.

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Already a MetroBACKUP Subscriber?
You still have access to all the great MetroBACKUP features, but in a fresh new look! You can view and manage your saved contacts by clicking the "Mobile App Login" button at the top of the page and entering your mobile number and MetroPCS My Account Password.

Download the Metro Total Protection App and complete the account setup to get the latest version of the Metro Total Protection app.