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MetroGUARD Phone Protection FAQs



How can I enroll in the insurance program?

You are eligible for enrollment when you activate service or upgrade to a new phone.  You must sign up for MetroGUARD on the same day as your new phone activation. You can sign up for MetroBACKUP at any time.

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I need to file a claim today. How can I do that?

To file a claim, please visit or contact Asurion at 1-866-862-3397.  Please make sure you have your deductible ready prior to beginning the claims process.

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What information do I need to file a claim?

To file a claim, you will need:

  1. The phone's make and model
  2. A description of what happened (including date)
  3. Your billing address
  4. A payment method for your deductible
  5. The location where you would like your replacement phone sent.

Additionally, to file a claim you must be an authorized user on the account of the claimed phone (an authorized user is a person that is authorized to make changes on the account).

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How much is the deductible amount on my replacement phone?  

For a complete list of all makes and models and their deductible amounts, click here.

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Will my replacement phone be the same as the original?

Every effort will be made to replace your phone with the exact model.   In the event that the exact model is not available from the authorized fulfillment center, your phone will be replaced with similar equipment of like kind and quality.   In either situation, your replacement equipment may be remanufactured.  

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When will my replacement phone be shipped?

For a complete list of shipping cut-off times and delivery options click here.

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How do I return my damaged phone?

A pre-paid USPS envelope will be included with your replacement equipment. Simply return the damaged handset within 10 days using the envelope provided to avoid being charged a non-returned equipment fee. You can place the package in your mail box or drop it off at your post office. You may track your return online. Please note that if the damaged equipment is not returned within 10 days of receipt of your replacement, a non-refundable charge may be issued up to the full replacement value of the phone.

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Is there a way to check the status of my claim?

Yes!  You can receive tracking information for your replacement phone by clicking here.

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What if my replacement equipment is damaged or defective when I receive it?

Asurion warrants replacement units to be free of mechanical, electrical and/or system defects for 12 months from receipt of the phone.  Please call Asurion Customer Care within 12 months to report the defect.

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How many days do I have to file a claim?

You have 60 days from the date of the incident to file a claim and 180 days from the filing date to complete it.

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What are the features of the Metro Total Protection app?

Once MetroGUARD subscribers have downloaded and installed the Metro Total Protection app on to their phone, they will have access to the following features:

MetroGUARD related features:

  • - Sound an alarm from a misplaced phone, even if it's set to silent
  • - Locate a lost phone on a map, with turn-by-turn directions
  • - Lock a lost or stolen phone to ensure your privacy
  • - Remotely erase contacts from a lost or stolen phone

MetroBACKUP related features:

  • - Sync contacts wirelessly
  • - Manage contacts online
  • - Restore contacts

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What does the Metro Total Protection app cost?

The Metro Total ProtectionSM app has no charge  and is free for all MetroGUARD subscribers. MetroBACKUP costs an additional $1.00 per month.

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What phones are eligible for the Metro Total Protection app?

To view the full list of phones eligible for the Metro Total Protection app, click here.

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