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Here's what to expect...
1. Enter your personal info.
2. Confirm your phone's make/model
3. Tell us what happened and where
     to ship your replacement phone.
4. Pay your deductible.
5. Receive your phone as quickly as
     the next business day.

Protect Your Phone With MetroGUARD SM

Comprehensive coverage against loss, theft, damage (including water
        damage) and out-of-warranty malfunction
Fast and convenient replacement
      - Claims can be filed 24/7 online or by phone
      - Next business day delivery of phone replacements (If claim completed
        and approved by 08:00 PM Eastern time) View shipping schedule
Save money should the unexpected happen
      - No high replacement costs if you experience a loss
      - You're covered for less than 20 cents a day
Beyond Insurance
      - With a compatible phone, download the Metro Total Protection app to
        sound an alarm, locate and lock your lost phone, and remotely erase
        your contacts

MetroGUARD can only be added to your account within the first 24 hours of activating service or upgrading your phone. Be sure to add it back to your account if you are reactivating service and previously had coverage on the same phone.

MetroGUARDSM now includes the Metro Total ProtectionSM mobile app

Mobile app features include:

Locate your phone on a map
Sound an alarm from a misplaced phone,
      even if it's set to silent or vibrate.
Lock a missing phone to secure your privacy
Remotely erase contacts from a lost device
You can add MetroBACKUP at any time
      for just $1/mo. Learn More

Download Metro Total Protection App